Protecting People on the Move and Reducing Their Vulnerability

ICMC protects people on the move and works to reduce their vulnerability. Our counseling programs and safe shelters focus on women and children, groups particularly exposed to risks when they have to flee their homes. ICMC experts assist people forced to cross a national border to reach safety to obtain refugee status. They provide critical information about rights and services. And also train staff of partner organizations and government officials.
Protecting People on the Move and Reducing Their Vulnerability
Protecting Children at Risk
Children are among the most vulnerable groups of forcibly displaced people. ICMC works to respond to and prevent violence, exploitation and abuse of children, particularly those not accompanied by adults. In our child friendly spaces, they can play, learn and receive social support. We work to end child marriage and child labor. We foster positive parenting and develop supporting networks. Our experts propose responses in the best interest of the child.
Protecting People on the Move and Reducing Their Vulnerability 2
Supporting Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
This type of violence affects especially women and girls. Although pervasive in today’s world, it peaks in situations of forced displacement. ICMC works to identify persons at risk and survivors. Our prevention and response include awareness-raising campaigns, individual counseling, hotlines for survivors, and advocacy tools. We provide survivors with safe shelters. And we offer them help, access to new means of subsistence, and medical care.
Protecting People on the Move and Reducing Their Vulnerability 1
Assessing the Refugee Status of Vulnerable People
ICMC refugee and protection experts assist the UN Refugee Agency and governments. They identify and interview people seeking international protection. They assess whether a person can claim refugee status according to the law. Once refugee status is determined, ICMC experts may refer the refugee for resettlement to a third country. They also work to protect vulnerable refugees and help put fraud prevention mechanisms in place.
Nakivale Refugee Camp
Facilitating Access to Protection, Building Governments Capacity
Having the right information is always essential. But in situations of forced displacement, it’s a matter of life and death. ICMC staff reach out, assess, and counsel vulnerable refugees about their rights. They identify persons with special needs and vulnerabilities and facilitate their access to legal and other support services. ICMC also trains government officials to boost institutional capacity and improve the quality of asylum procedures.

What Do We Mean by Protection and Prevention

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ICMC provides assistance and protection to vulnerable people on the move and advocates for sustainable solutions for refugees and migrants.