Helping People to Stay Alive in the Face of Deprivation and Hardships

ICMC helps people stay alive after fleeing war, persecution or natural disasters. When they lose access to the necessities of life and their means of subsistence, we help them meet their needs, with a focus on the most vulnerable refugee and migrant families and individuals. We help them become self-sufficient in the longer term. And we involve the displaced people and their host communities in finding solutions.
Helping People to Stay Alive in the Face of Deprivation and Hardships
Caring for People’s Health
Keeping in good health is a serious challenge for people forcibly displaced from their homes. In areas of conflict, healthcare systems are under strain, and families cannot afford private services. ICMC assists refugees through community education campaigns and better access to basic health services, especially for those most vulnerable, like mothers and newborns.
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Covering Basic Needs and Providing Cash Assistance
Once people forced to flee their homes found refuge, usually in a neighboring country, they often need material or financial aid to survive. ICMC distributes goods such as hygiene packages or educational kits. It also offers financial support, particularly in winter, so poorer families can buy basic items they cannot afford; this is an efficient and dignified manner to empower them and ensure aid meets real needs.
Helping People to Stay Alive in the Face of Deprivation and Hardships 2
Developing Livelihoods
Forced displacement often entails losing one’s means of subsistence. ICMC’s livelihood projects help refugees regain access to employment through language and financial literacy courses, vocational training, small business development, microgrants and networking with potential employers. Those who take part can become self-sufficient again and get the tools to reclaim their dignity.

How Humanitarian Assistance Saves Lives

This 90-Second Animation Explains What Humanitarian Assistance Is and How It’s Done.


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