The Future of Work: Labor Migrants in the 21st Century

Research Findings, Best Practice Studies, Photos and Stories

Edited by Rev. Msgr. Robert J Vitillo & Ignacio Alonso Alasino
Photography: Christian Tasso

This website presents outcomes of a multifaceted research project on jobs, demography and migration. Using research, reporting and photojournalism it presents an in-depth look at the realities of migrant workers. The research findings identify drivers of migration and labor trends, while best practice studies of work by Catholic-inspired and faith-based organizations suggest ideas to promote change inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Sì. The International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) led the project as part of the initiative The Future of Work, Labour After Laudato Sì.
Report cover Towards a Better World Migrants and Refugees in the World of Work Explore the research report This research report explores different aspects of migrant experiences in the world of work – why people make the decision to migrate or not, the challenges and opportunities they face along the way, their living and working conditions where their journey takes them. It also looks at person-centered responses to how labor and labor migration are evolving. These contributions from migration research centers in the Philippines, South Africa and the United States of America and faith-based organizations serving migrants across the globe aim to further the quest for decent, dignified work. The International Catholic Migration Commission is pleased to share this report, which brings together research undertaken within the framework of the initiative The Future of Work, Labour After Laudato Sì

The project The Future of Work, Labour After Laudato Sì served to equip Catholic Church-inspired and other faith-based organizations to respond in person-centered ways to the evolving labor market worldwide. The initiative, in the spirit of Pope Francis’ second encyclical, also promoted better global governance and increased knowledge of experience-based NGO practices.The Future of Work was a collaboration between the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC), the International Labour Organisation and the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.


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